Third Goddess Therapeutic Massage Therapy

Third Goddess Massage Therapy Philosophy

Zen master Mumon (1183-1260):
Words cannot describe everything.
The heart's message cannot be delivered in words.
If one receives words literally, he will be lost.
If he tries to explain with words, he will not attain enlightenment in this life.

Beautiful Flower Therapeutic Massage Therapy
photo by Tom Debrayanna  
Bodywork is a language without words. Quantifying the cumulative effects of touch on the body-mind is not always possible in ordinary language. The body, when in healthy and harmonious equilibrium, is capable and eager to heal itself. My role is to support your body's own self-healing intelligence and to empower you to participate in your own wellness.

My principles of bodywork are to support you and witness you, wherever you are in your process, with whatever you are willing to do today. I listen to you and your body on multiple levels to facilitate a sense of ease. I have named this work Minimal-Movement Therapy. It is excellent for reintroducing touch to people who have been hurt by vigorous bodywork techniques, who are medically fragile, who experience a lot of pain, or who are nervous about bodywork in general. Because of its non-invasive yet highly attentive nature, it is softly reassuring to clients who have had bad experiences with touch. Listening to the client on the deepest, non-verbal levels allows the body to re-equilibrate gently and easily. By engaging the brain and nervous system in different ways, we can facilitate shifts in ways that are supportive, comfortable, compassionate, and energetically neutral.

My work combines good knowledge of anatomical structures along with sensitive touch, visualization, breath-work, intention, intuition, patience, and multi-level communication. It is based in polarity therapy, combined with craniosacral therapy, myofascial release, neuromuscular therapy, neural manipulation, and massage. MMT is an integrative whole-body treatment. By allowing the body to unwind in its own way and at its own pace, the client feels unhurried. There is no rush to perform, no “gold standard” of measured improvement.

Most people come out of a session feeling a strong decrease in pain and tension, with a relaxed mind and a lighter spirit.

I strongly believe in the power of the body to inform our lives if we can only learn to pay attention. Bodywork has been proven to reduce the stress-response and anxiety, alleviate symptoms of depression, and cease a sense of well-being and connection. It can reduce pain, restore range-of-movement, aid in recovery from injury and trauma, and satisfy the human need for caring, nurturing touch. If you have had major surgery or a brain injury, bodywork can help you re-establish your sense of your own body. Receiving regular bodywork in a safe environment teaches your body to relax, the effects of which then carry over into your life for the long-term.

My session with Ellen was both informative and beneficial. I noticed immediately that Ellen targeted areas on my body that were holding tension without needing much, if any, direction for me. This type of intuitive response to both the description I gave of my situation as well as the signals that my body was sending of its problems can only be attributed to a extremely high skill level. Throughout the session, Ellen continued to stay in touch with me verbally about what she sensed my body needed and made the environment very comfortable and relaxed. I appreciated the thought that was shown regarding my overall health and needs as Ellen made it easy to discuss other issues, such as allergies and asthma. This willingness to learn more about my day to day elements allowed Ellen to insightfully recommend and suggest alternate therapies and treatments for those things that tend to ail me on a daily basis. With Ellen you are receiving not just a massage, you are receiving an insightful, thoughtfully intuitive and effective treatment. I highly suggest Ellen, you will be so pleased with the experience and the results.
 - Carey O'Connell ~ Administrator, Abaton Center of Healing Arts