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I first went to see Ellen at Third Goddess Massage because I had recently sustained a concussion (the latest in a long line of head injuries) and was dealing with debilitating pain and headaches that left me bed-bound for multiple days. A friend recommended going to a massage therapist which hadn't occurred to me even though I've been getting massages occasionally for several years. With some of the other massage therapists, I always left feeling glad to have gotten a massage, but rarely would I intend on making another appointment.

    My first appointment with Ellen I was blown away by how in tune she was with me and my body. It is very hard for me to let down my guard due to PTSD and she mentioned that she could tell my body needed some extra time to relax for a massage which she accommodated. I have spent years going to massage therapists who have pushed my body too much and left me feeling trampled on, so this was a welcome change and indicated a care I've rarely encountered with any kind of professional.

    Not only could I feel that she is a naturally caring and intuitive person, she is HIGHLY skilled when it comes to working with bodies. With just a couple of appointments, my headaches dropped down both in frequency and intensity-which is huge considering how ready I was to just accept that the pain was going to be my new normal. Her massages are honestly otherworldly. Her cranio-sacral work is the best I've ever received and has been thoroughly addressing my history of head traumas. She listens to me and my body with empathy and care and is always willing to share new techniques she's learned with me. She even went out of her way to bring me information pamphlets on brain injuries!

    One of the most noteworthy things about Ellen and her work is the amount of energy she is able to channel. There is only one other person I've known in my life who has made me believe so earnestly in the idea of a natural and gifted healer. On top of very effective body work, she also has a way of creating space/breathing room in your head. The last session I had with her she worked with me in a way that left me feeling like my subconscious was able to work through some serious shit (excuse my language). And it was after that session that I just knew I needed to volunteer to write a testimonial for her.

    Very rarely have I gotten the chance to work with someone on Ellen's level. She is a very good and knowledgeable massage therapist. She is also one of the most intuitive, kind, caring, thoughtful, and considerate people.

    Thank you, Ellen.
 - Rhi M., Albuquerque
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By Ungelbah Daniel, Valencia County News Bulletin,
October 29, 2011

Mixing massage with energy work, Third Goddess Therapeutics offers a gentle, subtle solution to tension, pain and more, leaving clients feeling renewed and euphoric. Using soft, soothing massage techniques and polarity and craniosacral methods, Ellen Santistevan smooths out the body's kinks as though she were uncrumpling a piece of paper, also seeking out and helping to resolve issues clients might not even be aware of. Polarity is a practice that focuses on the flow and balance of energy in the body as a foundation for good health. Craniosacral therapy works with maintaining the craniosacral system, which is comprised of the membranes and cerebrospinal fluid that surround and protect the brain and spinal cord.

    “When we touch somebody, there's an exchange of energy,” said Santistevan. “We communicate directly with the brain to promote relaxation, to relieve pain, to find out what's going on in the (craniosacral) system. And you can feel various layers.” Santistevan is a licensed massage therapist and graduate of the Crystal Mountain School of Massage in Albuquerque, as well as a certified herbalist and an associate polarity and level two craniosacral practitioner. “You can go from the skin down to the bone and feel the movement of these various tissues because they're all moving, they're all alive ... every tissue responds to touch.”

    Before embarking on her path as a healer, Santistevan was a scientist, holding a master's degree in geology from New Mexico Tech, which is what brought her to the state from her native New York. Now, she is the lady with the healing hands at Third Goddess Therapeutics who will bring her business to you, making house calls to individuals that are after a little repair and rejuvenation. This is especially helpful to individuals who might be home-bound and have difficulty going to a massage therapist. She is also available to go to offices, special events or just about anywhere you can set up a massage table.

    “Empowering the client to take charge of their own health and their own body and their own wellness is really important to me ... helping them to feel powerful themselves, instead of being the victim,” said Santistevan.
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I've never had cs work before and walked in with open mind, pain wracked body and hope. I have a tendency to downplay my pain as I live with it constantly but Ellen could feel right through that from the first moments.

    I knew I was in the hands of a true healing intuitive. With each progressive step along the way there were pulses of healing happening. Like an onion it will take time to peel back all the layers but much progress was made. I have an ease of movement and lightness of being in the sacrum area that I haven't felt for over 2 decades.

    The cervical and shoulder area is an intricate set of devious celtic knotwork that usually defies the most skilled hands but gave enough under Ellen's deft touch that I could relax and receive deeper benefits from the movement of the cranial bone structure. I have much freer motion in the neck and shoulders and from her handiwork I received relief from the raw core of tension and sensitivity that was just waiting for the slightest trigger to grow to full blown migraine. I'd been sitting on the edge of a migraine since it subsided but now it will have to start almost from scratch.

    As far as the cranial bone movement, there was no significant discomfort, just feelings of pressure bordering on discomfort and then release. The right side of my head felt like there was more space, like it was opened up a great deal. The left not so much - it is a more resistant layer of this onion apparently - but I would like to return for more work to see if that stubborn side will relent after feeling the relief and release the expansion of the right side has brought.

    Although I was warned some aspects might be uncomfortable or very painful I didn't find any of them so. The work inside the mouth and inside the nose were done sensitively and were so effective that even had they been uncomfortable I'd still go back for more.

    I waited to write this until 24 hours after the fact so that I could have the best idea of how effective and what consequences there might be and I can't find a downside. I didn't have that "hit by a semi" feeling I get after being worked over with a traditional massage but I had all the benefits. I didn't have any of the pain issues I normally do with a massage, this was gentle and yet immensely effective. Heightened sensitivity to pain and touch have kept me off a massage table for years but I'm so glad I went for this treatment. You will be too.

    (After the second treatment) I was definitely more evened out... My bite reflects it. Much better. And the left side just keeps releasing more and more. Awesome!

 - Laurel, Rio Rancho
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Ellen naturally integrates the physical technique with her own non-judgmental awareness, compassion and intuitive guidance to assist her clients. Her energy is grounded, warm and she has this way of helping people to feel safe in the journey through whatever physical or non-physical process may occur on the table. She is present with you, assisting and supporting yet non-interfering. Her body of knowledge about her work is equally impressive and I highly recommend her as a healer/body worker and human being. Much Love.
 - Alia

Thank you again for your sincere and skilled efforts to get me ready for the next day's surgery. Your efforts definitely were successful. I was relaxed all the rest of the day, into the night and ready and calm the next a.m. All went very well.

    Much love to you and gratitude!

 - T.B., Albuquerque

Ellen has an awesome touch and is so intuitive. She felt confident in her communication and where to place her hands and where to move in the body. Thank you so much Ellen!
 - Jennifer O., Albuquerque

This was a very useful treatment to me because I have had knee pain symptoms for the last 10 days. Ellen's treatment was the perfect combination energy-wise with chiropractic dealing with the structural (issues)... She had two insights that were very useful (to me).
 - G.K., Española

Ellen heals by her unspoken word, her intuitive touch and her natural understanding. My massage session left me feeling as if her healing hands refreshed my physical body and touched my soul. I do not hesitate to give Ellen the very highest recommendation to others as she is truly gifted with magical healing hands. Her studio is a healing space and Ellen is "simply Numero Uno!"
 - Robert J., Albuquerque

Ellen was wonderful and very intuitive. I left feeling light as air...
 - R.L., Albuquerque

Awesome session. Ellen was in tune with my body, and we communicated as to what she/I were experiencing. I felt safe and comfortable. Positive experience mentally and physically. Thank you!!
 - Dale G., Albuquerque

The session with Ellen Santistevan was one of the most profound and extraordinary experiences in my life. I experienced a deep, deep, transformative healing, especially on a spiritual level.... My deep thanks to you, Ellen, for the beautiful healing you effect!
 - Cathy M., Albuquerque
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I have had cranial sacral massage before, yet Ellen was the most focused. I truly felt better after my session.
 - L.G., Los Lunas

The purpose of the session was to help a blocked ear drain, and that was accomplished... I am amazed at how well I felt after the treatment. Such light touches made such a big difference in how I felt.
 - Bebe K., Los Lunas

Ellen's cranial work has definitely made an improvement in the tightness of my neck -- NO OTHER -- massage work has! Thank you
 - L.R., Los Lunas

During the session I felt energy like whirling molecules all around my body and colors appeared in my closed eyes. The next day when I arose I jumped out of bed like a 10 year old, no aches, no pains. I weeded the garden for 4 hours and knew the next day my thighs and back would be sore. They weren't, and I weeded for another 5 hours straight, sure I'd never be able to walk the next day. But woke up feeling perfect and weeded 3 more hours. Eight days later and still feeling great!!! This is unbelievable and I did not expect any results at all, and only tried it due to the (introductory) lowered cost... never thought I would spend money for this. But I sure would now!
 - Bobbie S., Los Lunas